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International exhibition dedicated to St. Anastasia of Sirmium

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Yaroslavl, 2006

Interrior of City Exhibition Hall by N. A. Nuzhin

The 10 August 2006 in the Museum of History of Yaroslavl city was opened the third of the six provided art exhibitions "Art for peace in Europe and in the World" dedicated to Saint Anastasia of Sirmium (281-304).

In the Yaroslavl exhibition are exposed 86 works of 73 artists, from wich 45 was maked by Russian painters and sculptors, the remaining was realised by artists from Italy, Poland, Serbia, France, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Great-Britain, Bosnia and Argentina. As in precedents exhibitions the works are divided in three themes: the canonic image of St. Anastasia, the story of her life, the churches where are dedicated to her. For the Mondový exhibition is thinked include an supplementary theme: Saint Anastasia as a symbol of active peacemaking in the contemporary world. In the exhibition are exposed so the photos of the churches and old art monuments dedicated to Saint Anastasia.

The Yaroslavl exhibition concluded the 4 September. The bests works would be selected for the exhibition in Zadar, where Saint Anastasia is the Patron from the Year 808.

The exhibitions are supported by the town administrations of Sremska Mitroviza (Serbia), Yaroslavl (Russia), Zadar (Croatia) and Mondový (Italy, Piedmont - Cuneo Province), by the diocese of Mondový, Zadar and Jaroslavl, by the Italian, Serbian, Croatian and Russian Saint Anastasia Promotion Committees, by the Pastel Society of Poland in Nowy Sašz (Poland) and others partners.

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