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International exhibition dedicated to St. Anastasia of Sirmium

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Mondovi, 2007

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The city of Mondovì, built more than 8 centuries ago at the foot of the mountains, always played a strategic role to defend the southern Piedmont close to the border with France. It is one of the most beautiful cities of Cuneo district and, since the beginning, it has been an important cultural center. In fact, in the XVI century in Mondovì was created the first university of Piedmont and now the city is becoming more and more an university center, following the displacement of the faculties of Turin Polytechnic. Nowadays the city counts approximately 23.000 inhabitants and hosts many small and medium enterprises. In the past it was famous thanks to the ceramics production. Its monuments are interesting and the frescos of the medieval churches, painted with the technique of the “international gothic”, are outstanding. Tourism and winter sports are very important attraction in the area. The gastronomy products are very tasty.

The exhibition “Saint Anastasia – Woman for Peace”

Palazzo Vescovile (Bishop Palace)

Antico Palazzo di Città (former Municipality)

Former Church of Saint Stephen

Facade of former seminary

On the 21st of September 2007 in Mondovì (Cuneo District) will be inaugurated the fifth and last international exhibition dedicated to Saint Anastasia of Sirmium. 222 artists (painters, graphics and sculptors) from 17 European countries will participate with 282 art works. The exhibition is organized by the Italian Saint Anastasia Committee, in collaboration with the Municipality and the Diocese of Mondovì and with the blessing of the Bishop Luciano Pacomio. The art works will be placed in 4 locations: St. Anastasia icons – in Palazzo Vescovile (Bishop Palace); the images of St. Anastasia - in Antico Palazzo di Città(former Municipality); the life of St. Anastasia and her churches - in Saint Stephen Church; the photographies of churches and monuments dedicated to St. Anastasia in Europe – in Curia Vescovile (former Seminary). Two Russian cosmonauts, Mr. Anatoli Soloviev and Mr. Nikolaj Budarin, have been invited to the opening ceremony by the Piedmont Region. They were on the "Mir" space-station when 2 icons of St. Anastasia (made by iconographs Nadia Lavrova and Nikolaj Gaverdovskij) were sent up there.

On the 22nd of September the international conference entitled “Saint Anastasia - Woman for Peace and common Christian roots of Europe people”. Speakers from Italy, Russia, Croatia and Serbia and representatives of the Orthodox and Catholic Churches will participate in the conference, organized by the Mondovì Municipality and Diocese. The topics will be the following: the image of the Martyr of Sirmium in the Early Christian age; the possible role of St. Anastasia in the contemporary society; St. Anastasia as symbol of Peace and Dialogue between cultures; the experience of the charity and spiritual actions in aid of the prisoners and orphans; the St. Anastasia churches in Europe; the iconographic representations of the Martyr of Sirmio in different countries in the West and East of Europe; belief and devotion to St. Anastasia in different regions in Italy; etc.

Moreover, it’s expected the arrival of many artists that participate in the exhibition, as well as of the members of the St. Anastasia Committees from Serbia, Russia and Croatia, that organized previous exhibitions. The catalogue of the exhibition and photographic book of Churches and Monuments in Europe dedicated to St. Anastasia will be published. This cultural initiative is supported by Piedmont Region and Cuneo Province.

Pierre Tchakhotine

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